Taurine Powder



One Pound / 1lb / 16oz / 453g


453 Serving (1000mg)(1g)


Best Used by: May 2018




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Resalable Zip Lock Bag


Taurine can be found, in minimal amounts, in a variety of meats, dairy products and eggs. As a result, vegetarians, athletes and individuals lacking meat in their diets are at the greatest risk for deficiency.


Unfortunately, physical activity depletes our Taurine reserves faster than most people can produce it.


Taurine has a number of useful health benefits. As a key constituent of bile acids, it helps the body absorb other nutrients with greater ease while moderating healthy cellular activity.





Helps prevent eye problems


Helps prevent hair loss


Helps prevent tooth decay


Promotes cardiovascular health


Is used for heart ailments


Has antioxidant properties


Has detoxifying properties


Is necessary for normal skeletal muscle function


Acts as an anti-anxiety agent in the central nervous system.



Taurine and vision

Taurine is indispensable to maintain the completeness of the retina of the eye. In the retina, there is 100 to 400 times more taurine than in the blood. A chronic deficiency of taurine induces a progressive degeneration of the retina, leading to a total blindness within 2 years. The correction of the diet allows will stop the evolution, but the lesions are not reversible.


Taurine and cardiac function

Taurine represents 50% of the free amino-acids in the cardiac muscle. Rather recently (1987), a relationship has been established between taurine deficiency in the diet and the occurence of specific cardiac troubles. The addition of taurine in the diet is enough to restore a normal situation.


Taurine & Energy

Taurine is used famously as an active ingredient in energy drinks, such as "Red Bull".









Continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & Alaska


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