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FUJIAN Wu-yi Oolong tea bags



WUYI Oolong Wulong Weight Loss Tea


60 Wu-yi tea bags


Premium Fujian Wuyi weight loss tea is Grown in the Wu-yi Mountains Of Fujian China



100% Authentic Wu-yi Oolong Tea

no fillers, nothing added

No Carbs, Calories, Fats, No Sugars


Safety Sealed

Stand up foil protective pouch with zip lock seal


BEST USED BY:  December 2018


Fujian Wuyi Oolong tea bags are powerful fat burners


Scientists claim, "Wuyi Oolong tea is the strongest fat burner in the world".


Fujian Wuyi Oolong tea bags: More powerful than other teas.

Wuyi Oolong tea bags burn over 157% more fat than other teas.


Scientists from the University of Tokushima School of Medicine found that people who drank Wuyi Oolong twice a day experienced 157% greater fat burning results than those who drank the same amount of other teas. Burning fat speeds up weight loss. Wuyi Oolong is an old Chinese weight loss secret but the secrets out. Americans are now using Fujian Wuyi Oolong tea bags for weight loss, with great success.

Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags speed up metabolism for faster weight loss.

Compare Fujian Wuyi Oolong tea bags to other Weight loss products


Health Benefits of Fujian Wuyi Oolong Tea bags

Drinking just 2 cups of Fujian Wuyi Oolong a day can help with weight loss and provide great Health benefits. Wuyi Oolong weight loss tea is among the strongest fat burners on the planet. Fujian Wuyi Oolong tea bags help suppress appetite, boost energy, and metabolism, therefore promoting weight loss. Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags antioxidants may reduce cholesterol and the risk of cancer. The age fighting antioxidants in Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags also serve as anti-aging agents. Overall Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags aid in weight loss and boost the immune system.

Need a boost? Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags are known for increasing energy and mental clarity.

Don’t be fooled by the words “Oolong”/“Wulong”!

Most companies lead you to believe that “Oolong” indicates that you are getting weight loss “Wuyi tea”.

Oolong and Wulong do NOT mean WUYI.

Oolong and Wulong are different pronunciations of the same word, and simply mean Semi-Fermented.

Are Wuyi and Wu-yi tea different?

No, Wuyi and Wu-yi tea are just two different ways of writing the same word.

Wuyi and Wu-yi tea are exactly the same.

The Fujian Wuyi Oolong Combination is Key for weight loss

To get all the weight loss and health benefits you’re looking for, you must get the weight loss, wu-yi tea variety and it must be semi-fermented (Oolong / Wulong).

Oolong and Wulong don’t tell you the variety; it only tells you it’s Semi-fermented.

It is critical that you get real Wu-yi tea that it is Semi-fermented (Oolong/Wulong), not just Wulong or Oolong. It must be Wu-yi tea.

Wu-yi tea is a unique, rare variety of weight loss tea. Wu-yi tea is only grown in the mineral rich soil of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian China.

If other’s Wuyi oolong tea bags contained Wuyi weight loss tea, they would advertise “wuyi” not just oolong / wulong.

Fujian wuyi oolong tea bags only contain real semi-fermented wu-yi tea.

Wu-yi tea Scam: Using the Word, but not the Wu-yi tea.

Some companies will use the word “Wu-yi” in the name of their product but the product contains no Wu-yi tea at all. Wu-yi tea is not even listed in the ingredients.

You’re only sure you’re getting Wu-yi tea bags if Wu-yi tea is listed in the ingredients.

Companies are legally bound by their listed ingredients.
If ”Wu-yi tea” is listed in the ingredients, there’s Wu-yi tea in the product.

If you’re looking for the weight loss and health benefits of Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags,

be sure it says Wu-yi tea in the ingredients.

Fujian Wuyi oolong weight loss tea bags: It’s not just a name! Weight loss Wu-yi tea is what’s really inside Fujian wuyi oolong tea bags.

Only Wu-yi tea bags that contain Wu-yi that was grown on the Wu-yi Mountains in Fujian China are Authentic Fujian Wuyi oolong tea bags. If it claims to be Wu-yi tea but is from Taiwan or another area it’s not authentic Wu-yi.

Fujian wuyi oolong tea bags only contain wuyi oolong.



Fujian Wuyi oolong isn't just a name, It’s what's really inside Fujian Wu-yi Tea bags.

Scams talk about weight loss Wu-yi tea bags in their weight loss tea advertising and even use the word Wu-yi on their packaging but Wu-yi isn’t even listed in their ingredients.

When you purchase Fujian wuyi oolong tea bags you know you’re getting authentic wu-yi tea bags with all its health and weight loss benefits.





Ingredients: 100% Authentic WU-YI OOLONG Tea

Wu-yi isn't just a name on our package; it's what's really inside.

Popular brands that advertise “Wu-yi weight loss” ~ Without Wu-yi tea as an ingredient

Foojoy Wuyi Oolong: No ingredients listed

Foojoy China Classic Oolong: 100% Oolong Tea

The Oolung: Oolong Tea

Oolong Dieter's Tea extra strength: Oolong Tea

Uncle Chen Wuyi Oolong: 100% Organic Oolong Tea Leaves

Vintage Oolong: 100% Oolong Tea


Many talk about Wu-yi tea in their advertising and even use the words Wu-yi tea on their boxes but check the ingredients to see if Wu-yi tea is really inside.




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